The Paddle

Weekly Round-up: podcasts tech, big files, keyboard shortcuts & mobile payments

The Paddle round up – tech, tools & tips for small business. Simple, starter tech for podcasts, sending big files, zipping/unzipping, mobile payments & more

Weekly Round-up: a conversation about content sharing

The Paddle group for tech, tools & tips for small business talking content sharing.The best format & tools for content – video, captions, blog, audio, all?

Weekly Round-up: Excel basics, email systems tips, & affiliate software

The Paddle tech tips & tools for small business – Excel basics, email systems – content, send frequency & using email tips, plus affiliate software options

Weekly Round-up, Systems first software second, lead magnet tech tools & Facebook rules

The Paddle is a tech, tools & tips Facebook group for small businesses. This week questions included new software choices, lead magnets & new Facebook rules

Weekly Round-up: File sharing, screen capture videos, freelancers & fans

Tech tips and tools for small business shared this week included file sharing, creating screen capture videos, hiring freelancers, online meetings & more…

Weekly Round-up: video editing, team call scheduling, membership sites & more

The Paddle group for small business tech, tools & tips, including video edits, team call scheduling tools, & membership sites. Read the recommendations here…

Weekly Round-up, website themes, Messenger bots and tech for hearing impaired team members

The Paddle weekly round up of tech, tools & tips for small business including website themes, messenger bots, tech for hearing impaired team members & more

Weekly Round-up, website alternatives, online quizzes, event tickets & getting paid tech

Tech, tools & tips for small business in The Paddle Facebook group. Alternatives to a website, event ticket tools, online quizzes and payment tools & tips.

Weekly Round-up: social media scheduling, appointment apps, password reminders & more

The Paddle Weekly Round-up. Tech, Tools & Tips for small business. Social media scheduling, appointment apps, password reminders, & more. Video & write up.