Weekly Round-up: podcasts tech, big files, keyboard shortcuts & mobile payments

Paddles this week

Podcasts tech –simple tools for starting out View post in The Paddle

Mike asked about simple and starter podcasts tech: “Has anyone recommendations on equipment for recording Podcasts? Want to do them Interview style so recording of 2 people. Preferably at starter cost level.”


  • Lucy, Sherry Susan all said Zoom. A really basic way to record an audio conversation would be to use Zoom and take the MP3 recording afterwards–free for up to 40-minute calls, $14.99 a month for longer. You can record locally on the free version but if you want to record to the cloud you’ll need to pay.
  • Sherry uses Audacity (both Windows & Mac) to edit her audio files and podcasts
  • Susan uses Garageband (Mac only) to edit her audio files and podcasts
  • Mike Midgeley gave us his full ‘app stack’ for making his podcast called ‘The Open Mike’–here’s the stack that he uses to support Zoom business subscription:
    • Never compromise on microphones – we use Blue Yetis and have them on a boom arm – you can save a tonne of money if you buy the Blue Yeti Caster Bundle (Lucy uses a Blue Snowball)
    • We host our podcast on Libsyn with plans starting as low as $5p/m
    • You will need an Apple / Google Play developer licence–I believe the Android is free, but Apple cost around $90 p/a
    • Production of the show: get a voice-over artist to pre-record the intros an evergreen i.e. we have Welcome to the #TheOpenMike Podcast with Mike Midgley, and then we have our copyright disclaimer and outro also recorded (these cost us around £100)
    • Show Identity: be clear and strong in your brand, you can use Canva or Snappa to design the channel artwork, or outsource. Here’s ours and you can see what we look like brand-wise and if you listen to a podcast intro and outro you can get a feel for how we do the intros and copyright disclaimers, etc.
    • Booking guests: we use a simple web form that asks 5 questions on a key topic that we interview them around.
    • Repurposing your podcasts: we publish on Apple iTunes, Google Play, Player FM, (we are just going onto Spotify and Stitcher, too), plus we add them to our blog and YouTube Channel as well, so we try and publish where our audience is.
    • Get a Talent release document to cover you that the Podcast recording is yours from an IP (intellectual property) point of view and you can distribute freely, it’s a condition of our show that all guests agree to this or we don’t accept them on.

Big files–sending, zipping and unzipping View post in The Paddle

Susan had a problem unzipping a big file sent via WeTransfer, a ‘big file’ transfer site. Another big file service (Lucy uses this one) is MailBigFile.

Various Zip help suggestions:

  • Caroline uses PeaZip
  • Mark suggested 7-Zip works well. Save the .zip file to your desktop (or somewhere) and use 7-Zip to extract the actual file
  • Mike: In Windows 10, use File Explorer (get to that by pressing the Windows key and ‘E’ at the same time), go to the file and right-click on it. One of the options is to ‘Extract all’ that will extract the files in the zipped folder. If the file is truly a .zip file, than it will be described as ‘Compressed (zipped) Folder’.

Although Susan ended up getting WinZip (Windows & Mac) for £30, these^^ are great free options to consider.

Keyboard shortcut sharing View post in The Paddle

  • From Mike: Just in case you did not know, to lock your computer when you are about to go away from it, just press the Windows key and ‘L’ at the same time
  • From Andy: There are a few Mac ways but if you use an external keyboard then using CONTROL-SHIFT-EJECT (top-right button) will work. You will also need to check your System Preferences under ‘Security & Privacy’ to make sure your ‘Require Password’ is set to your preferred time delay (probably ‘Immediately’).

In-person payment options (mobile card readers) View post in The Paddle

Bryony’s got an event coming up and wants to be able to take card payments for books, small products.

Lucy’s an iZettle fan, but we linked back to the discussion on this already (a previous Paddle), so options there for Stripe, other card readers, etc.