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The Catch 22 of being too busy for anything new in business – how to implement systems when you have no time

The Catch 22 of knowing you want more ‘time off’ from your small business, is finding the time to set up the systems, hire the extra team members or implement something new that allows time off to happen in the first place. Busy business owners never have ‘spare time’. Time is either spent working getting … Read more

Why we’re not launching a ‘beta’ of Connectably

Why we didn’t launch Connectably small business software with a beta release, but a private launch instead. And how not being ‘just another software company’ will create better results for our users…

Gareth speaks with TechNorth

Recently, I took some time out to speak with Kane Fulton of TechNorth to talk through what Connectably is, the planned launch, the Leeds tech scene, Entrepreneurial Spark and tips for other entrepreneurs launching new businesses.