How structuring your sales process makes it easier to sell – 3 steps to Yes

Make business sales conversations easier by understanding the 3 steps to “Yes” in a sale. Get a yes before a sales meeting, so it’s a different conversation. Save time on sales and sell more…

Why we’re not launching a ‘beta’ of Connectably

Why we didn’t launch Connectably small business software with a beta release, but a private launch instead. And how not being ‘just another software company’ will create better results for our users…

The one thing that makes marketing messages work

When you’re brainstorming your marketing messages, make sure you know the one thing that will make more sales happen as a result of your marketing.

It’s the taking part that counts

Even being in the running for an award can be good for business. There are definitely prizes for taking part in pitches and panels. Why you shouldn’t be worried about showing off…

Shelf development

I expect you already have a lot of know-how stashed away in your brain or on your bookshelf that you’re not making the most of right now. Here are our favourite books we love to re-read.

Chips vs caviar

Even when you’re giving things away – advice, samples, information, or tasters you still need to have your ideal audience in mind. Just giving away ‘something’ is never going to get you a queue of perfect prospects lining up.

Shop window wow

Depending what you read or who you listen to, you more likely need 7, 11 or more ‘touches’ with a prospect before they are ready to buy from you. We describe the first touches as ‘attract’ and ‘engage’, and then ‘welcome’.