Why we don’t meet for coffee

If you’re asked to ‘meet for coffee’ by someone in a business context, it’s always a good idea to find out the agenda before saying yes. In my experience, it’s never about coffee. If it’s a sales meeting be clear on that agenda, or if it’s you that’s asking for help, be open about that too.

The one thing that makes marketing messages work

When you’re brainstorming your marketing messages, make sure you know the one thing that will make more sales happen as a result of your marketing.

How’s your handwriting?

If you’re not already sending handwritten thank you notes, congratulations cards, or even simple hello letters, you could be missing a trick. Direct mail is still a very good way to connect with prospects and clients.

It’s the taking part that counts

Even being in the running for an award can be good for business. There are definitely prizes for taking part in pitches and panels. Why you shouldn’t be worried about showing off…

Buzzword bingo

When we’re not busy building brilliant software for small business owners, we live in the ‘start-up’ and ‘entrepreneur’ world. In this world there are a lot of buzzwords, and we like to play ‘bingo’ with them!