Why we don’t meet for coffee

If you’re asked to ‘meet for coffee’ by someone in a business context, it’s always a good idea to find out the agenda before saying yes. In my experience, it’s never about coffee. If it’s a sales meeting be clear on that agenda, or if it’s you that’s asking for help, be open about that too.

5 ways to follow up a quote or proposal to get paid faster

If your sales process is a meeting or conversation followed by a quote or proposal to be agreed before you get paid, these 5 follow-up ideas are for you.

How structuring your sales process makes it easier to sell – 3 steps to Yes

Make business sales conversations easier by understanding the 3 steps to “Yes” in a sale. Get a yes before a sales meeting, so it’s a different conversation. Save time on sales and sell more…

Get paid quickly – a straight talking guide for small service business owners

Things you can do as a small service business owner to get paid quicker by your customers. Practical tips and thoughts on overthinking when it comes to getting paid.

Packages for profit–why bespoke is a bad idea for any service business

How to create packages if you’re a service business. And why NOT selling packages of your service is hurting your profits and taking up too much of your time.