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Can partners sell Connectably to their clients? Yes, they can. This article explains how and the benefits for doing so.

Connectably partner editions

January 16, 2019

Is there a partner edition available?

Yes, the Connectably Partner Edition packages include 5 x licenses for £200/mo + vat in total, or £2000/yr + vat in total if paying annually.

In effect, you pay for 4 x licenses and get 1 x free Connectably license. This can include your own business' license.

You can re-sell these licenses to your own clients up to published prices on our website, generating £100 profit per year, or £10 profit per month per license for your business.

What do Connectably partners do?

Partners will likely sell additional training, support, advisory, accounting or marketing services that compliment your client's subscription to Connectably.

If this is a business model you'd like to explore further, then please contact us to arrange a discussion.

Can my own clients use Connectably?

Yes, if you're using the Connectably partner edition, your clients can use a Connectably application that you control and bill them for, and on which your existing login to Connectably gets you access to help them set things up and use the service.

If you have questions about the Connectably partner edition, or wish to discuss a use case further, then please contact us to arrange a discussion.

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If you run a B2B or B2C service business and your expertise or a physical skill is why your clients pay for your help, then Connectably is for you. We uncomplicated business management software to give you more quality time for your clients, your prospects and you. We're a small business, run for the benefit and success of other small businesses. Watch a demo here.
Author: Gareth Everson - Founder Connectably

Could Connectably be right for you?

Connectably helps everyday businesses to manage workflows, processes and communications that would normally require much more expensive software and skills to manage. It's simple to use, easier to implement than continuing to do things manually, and will help you to think about your business in a different, more scalable, and less time-intensive way.

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