How much does CRM cost?
It’s easy to end up spending £100’s per month on the wrong CRM and yet some cost no money at all. We explore why in this article.

How much does CRM cost?

March 17, 2020

“Some CRMs just seem so expensive”

Confused small business owners everywhere

It’s easy to end up spending £100’s per month on the wrong CRM. Implementing a CRM is a process that a business should really only have to take once. So check the following:

  1. Integration with Xero? (✅ Connectably)
  2. Syncs with GSuite/Office? (✅ Connectably)
  3. Helps you take payments? (✅ Connectably)
  4. Works on mobile? (✅ Connectably)
  5. Does email marketing (✅ Connectably)
  6. Affordability (✅ Connectably = £500/yr)

The most comprehensive Xero CRM products from the Xero marketplace are in this guide.


Gareth Everson

Gareth's the founder of Connectably. He's a business systemiser who helps small business owners who aren't always natural "software people" to systemise their processes, understand marketing technology, improve client experiences, launch new services, get paid their true worth, and increase the value of their business. Connectably is a self-funded software business (founded 2017) that serves other small businesses. You can follow Connectably here, and connect with Gareth here.
Author: Gareth Everson - Founder Connectably

Could Connectably be right for you?

Connectably helps everyday businesses to manage workflows, processes and communications that would normally require much more expensive software and skills to manage. It's simple to use, easier to implement than continuing to do things manually, and will help you to think about your business in a different, more scalable, and less time-intensive way.

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