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Full Connectably demo

Connectably helps you to systemise your business better than you have done until now. Connectably features valuable functions that help you to manage core processes in your business. You can implement any or all of them in your business with Connectably. 

Using Connectably's Automate tier you can manage leads and clients, business workflows, get appointments booked, do email marketing, including sending personalised ebooks / PDFs and using the Get Paid tier you can also send proposals, take electronic payments and

Watch the video above to see a full demo, or watch videos relating to specific features below. When you're ready to start your account, visit the 'Onboarding' section. If you have questions, please ask here.

Manage business workflows

Watch the video above to see how Connectably users use staged workflows in their business to stay on top of client activities in a very visual, but process-oriented way. It helps one-person businesses stay on top of what they need to get done and multi-person businesses to stay abreast of what everybody is doing in the team. If you have questions, please ask here.

Manage leads and clients

Watch the video above to see the clients and leads processes you can manage in your business using Connectably. You can manage contacts, companies and sales / work opportunities. Contacts can be segmented based on interests or activities using tagging so that you can group people with similar characteristics together. 

In terms of lead capturing, you can add contacts to Connectably using web forms (like this one), using import files, or one by one with a simple add-contact form. All functions work on mobile, tablet or desktop. It's the same login for any platform. If you have questions, please ask here.

Get meetings and appointments booked

One of the most frustrating time bandits for service-based businesses is the process of booking appointments with prospects and clients. It can often lead to 'email tennis' games of 'are you available at this / that time?'. So Connectably features an appointment booking tool that reads your users' calendar availability from their GSuite or Office365 calendars and then based on availability rules that you define, will present your prospects and clients with available time slots to book appointments. The process can be connected to Zoom to automatically create the Zoom meeting, if you're meeting with them online. Watch the video above for a full demo, and if you have questions, please ask here.

Automate email marketing

Connectably addresses perhaps one of the most frustrating aspects of managing a CRM and doing follow-up email marketing: that is that most CRM and email marketing products require you to have two pieces of software to manage both functions. This leads to a frustrating, time-consuming and error-prone match up of data between two, and almost always, small businesses end up doing less follow-up marketing than they'd otherwise like to.

Connectably solves this problem. You can send targeted email broadcasts and marketing automation to contacts already segmented into unique groupings in the CRM. It saves time, improves marketing processes and leads to users sending less generic mailshots than they would typically do so using Mailchimp or other popular standalone email marketing products.

Watch the video above to see how Connectably solves this email marketing and automation challenge and if you have questions, please ask here.

Create and send lead magnets

Connectably combines the same technology that allows you to personalise the contents of great looking quotes and proposals with our drip-feed email marketing functionality. Combined, it allows you to send out personalised lead magnet ebooks or PDFs to your prospects and clients. 

Imagine the possibilities of sending high quality personalised content to people who have requested something on your website, or as part of the process of onboarding new clients without having to create the document new each time... Connectably users benefit from this.

It positions you as a higher quality operator than generic and bland alternatives, and creates a great way of building more engagement with your prospects and clients. Please watch the video above to see how we do it. If you have questions, please ask here.

Send proposals and get paid - 'Get Paid' tier

Some service businesses operate in sectors where the sending out of quotes and proposals is either a customer expectation, or a service-differentiator. Users of Connectably's Get Paid tier can design and create proposal PDF templates that will include the bespoke or packaged services you're proposing and other messaging you want to include at the opening of the proposal. 

These proposals are sent electronically as PDF attachments to emails and include links to digital sign-off pages, or to online payment pages, where you can take card or direct debit payments electronically and automatically. Payments and quote sign-offs automatically sync with Xero and Connectably creates the invoice there including the details of the services or products your customer has bought or agreed to buy. 

If you do not send out quotes / proposals, then you can still take payments online using Connectably's secure online order forms. Both methods improve the way you get paid with more consistency and predictability and are available to 'Get Paid' users. Watch the video above for a full demonstration of both capabilities and If you have questions, please ask here.

Getting Started - onboarding with Connectably

Watch the above video to see a walkthrough of the first onboarding steps with Connectably, then launch your Connectably account following the button below. If you decide that Connectably is not for you, you can export your account data in one click and close and remove your account securely.
Got questions? Please ask here.


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