Laser target emails to your leads & clients

Create emails on desktop or mobile, laser-target your recipients and know it's going to land looking great on any size screen.
Connectably - Email marketing

Create on any device

Create marketing emails wherever you are and on whichever device you're using.

Laser-target recipients

Send one-off of automation emails based on interests, purchases or actions.

Responsive designs

Text, banners and images display perfectly on mobiles as well as desktops.
Connectably Email Marketing Software
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Create email marketing on any device

Connectably uses the same login on any device so all functionality is available wherever you access. So you can:

  • Send a targeted email when you're on the go;
  • Plan and manage future campaigns on any device;
  • Check opens and click performance between meetings.
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Laser-target email recipients

Unlike separate CRM and email marketing software, in Connectably all contacts you email to are already segmented so email marketing can be more targeted 🎯:

  • It means you don't create generic 'blast' emails that don't connect with your leads;
  • You escape the cycle of no meaningful engagement, low sales, effort wasted and the frustration that 'email marketing doesn't work';
  • This speaks to leads or clients where they are in their buying journey with you, addressing problems and fears they have right now, in context.

Specificity always beats generality.

Responsive designs

Connectably thoughtfully addresses problems other software has with responsive email design:

  • We check everything is responsive, and tell you if anything breaks your design.
  • Set branding once and all emails will use it.
  • Create visuals using Canva from within Connectably.
Email marketing software - Responsive email

"Connectably isn’t just replacing our email marketing and calendar booking systems, but providing better solutions all round.”

Rory Delahoyde, HA Hosting

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Do more than 'just' CRM

Most small businesses feel befuddled by software and it kills momentum.
Connectably is small business management software that helps you sign up and manage clients in one place. 
When you clean up your processes you get more time for your clients and your business grows.

Save time

Manage email marketing, sales and client workflows in one place

Grow simply

Think about your business in a more scalable, sustainable way

Get support

Implement quickly with excellent support and training provided

Save money

Replace multiple software subscriptions with just one

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