Find out more about Connectably for YOUR business

We can’t pretend there won’t be a little bit of work involved to set up a new system in your business. But to end up with a connected way of working that saves you evening admin, we think it’s worth it. That said, we always like to check first that Connectably can definitely help your business work better.

And you’ve probably got plenty of questions, too.

If you’d like to find out more, let’s have a quick call to understand what you want to get connected in your business, explain what you need ready beforehand, and take you through the connections step-by-step.

Lucy Whittington - Find out more call

Let’s talk!

Here’s where you can book a call with us (Lucy) to ‘Find out More’ about Connectably. We encourage calls even if all you want to know is whether Connectably is right for your business or not (even if you’re thinking not). It’s not a sales call unless you want to buy. Answering questions and seeing if we can help, or saying so if we can’t, is very much on the agenda.

Choose time that works for you and then fill in the short form (only 3 questions) so we know a little bit about your business before we speak so we’re ready to get straight to the point.

We can answer your questions, screen share a tour of Connectably,  or whatever it makes sense to do.

Before we speak…

FAQ icon

If you’ve not already looked through the FAQs, you can here as you might not be the first person to ask us that question!

And if you’ve not had a nose ‘inside’ Connectably yet, you can take a tour here to see what it looks like and how it works.