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Your questions answered before starting your Connectably free CRM software account

What can you expect from your Connectably free CRM software account?

April 29, 2019

What's in the free CRM software tier of Connectably?

The free, 'Systemise' tier brings CRM and workflow functionality to your business. With this tier, you can manage contacts, workflows, appointments and link up with GSuite / Office365 and Xero. It's a CRM for service-based B2Bs and B2Cs.

Why do we have a free CRM software tier for Connectably?

Our goal is to get you to a "big result" quickly - whatever that "big result" is to you, e.g. having your contact relationships managed better, not losing information between the cracks in your business etc.

Our onboarding is designed around doing that quickly. Depending on your experience and confidence with tech, you might need a few hours, couple of days, or a week or so to get to your own "big result". With a small commitment of time over a couple of hours, first few days or first couple of weeks, you don't need to be working for a long time to achieve your "big result" with Connectably.

What does the Connectably free CRM software account do?

The free CRM software tier of Connectably focuses on tangible outcomes for your business, focused on 'quick wins'. Choosing your 1st ‘quick win’…

Getting all your contacts in one place:
Import additional contacts from other software
Segment your contacts by their interests or status
Create a web form to capture leads on your website

Getting systemised in your business:
Set up your 1st systemised business workflow
Create a simple marketing automation
Set up a meeting booking page online

Starting your free CRM software tier of Connectably is one click away. If you still have questions before then, then this page should answer them, or please get in contact if you’d like to know more.

Can I use a Xero test / demo account for my Connectably free CRM software account?

Yes. If you'd rather use a Xero demo account to see how Connectably works instead of connecting your own Xero account up, then you can sign up for a Xero demo account here.

What happens if I don't continue with a Connectably paid subscription?

If you decide that Connectably isn't for you and you do not continue and take a Connectably subscription, then you will remain on the free CRM software 'Systemise' account tier until you tell us that you would like to close your account, or after 6 months of inactivity. We will securely delete any unused accounts.

How do I start my Connectably free CRM software account?

To start your free account, visit the 'Launch your account free' section of the Demo page and click the 'Click here to visit Xero to authorise and launch your Connectably account' button.

You will be taken to a page on Xero's website where you will authorise our integration with your Xero account and that will then open your Connectably account, using the same account information you've got set up in Xero. This triggers Connectably and Xero to work together to import your contacts, invoice and product details into Connectably, to help you get started rapidly without having to import information manually.

Can I upgrade to / downgrade from other account tiers?

Yes, you can upgrade to or downgrade from other account tiers at any time. We'd love you to do email marketing and marketing automation with our software, and send proposals / get paid using our proposals and payment forms.

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If you run a B2B or B2C service business and your expertise or a physical skill is why your clients pay for your help, then Connectably is for you. We uncomplicated business management software to give you more quality time for your clients, your prospects and you. We're a small business, run for the benefit and success of other small businesses. Watch a demo here.
Author: Gareth Everson - Founder Connectably

Do more than 'just' CRM

Most small businesses feel befuddled by software and it kills momentum.
Connectably is small business management software that helps you sign up and manage clients in one place. 
When you clean up your processes you get more time for your clients and your business grows.

Save time

Manage email marketing, sales and client workflows in one place

Grow simply

Think about your business in a more scalable, sustainable way

Get support

Implement quickly with excellent support and training provided

Save money

Replace multiple software subscriptions with just one

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