Frequently Asked Questions

Money FAQs (because we know you want the answers to those first!)

How much is Connectably?

£500 +VAT for a 12-month subscription.

Our standard method of payment is an annual direct debit processed by GoCardless.

Can I pay monthly?

No, we only offer a 12-month subscription.

We know it’s a big commitment to start using new software, set up new systems and probably change the way you work (for the better!), but we know if we offered a low monthly subscription there’s much less incentive to commit to the change and get going. So whilst it might make it easier for us to sell Connectably at a lower monthly price, we’d much rather wait until you’re ready to commit and get set up so you can get the best use from the software. So no, there’s not a monthly option to pay.

Can I pay in $, Yen, Dong?

We only take payments in GBP Sterling and we also charge VAT. Connectably is currently only set up to work with UK accounting software, too, and we’re only selling to the UK market, which is why we only sell in £. (Dong is the Vietnamese currency, in case you’re wondering).

Can I pay by debit/credit card?

Yes, absolutely! We accept all major debit and credit cards and use Stripe to process our card payments. Just let us know that’s how you’d prefer to pay and we’ll send you the order form with a Stripe button. Our default payment option is GoCardless for annual Debit Debit.

Do you offer discounts to charities/students/OAPs/anyone cheeky enough to ask?

No, we don’t. Connectably is designed for small service-based businesses and we know (because we’ve done the research) that we offer very good value for everything we include already so there are no discounts.

What else will I need to pay for if I use Connectably?

  • Connectably works with your Xero accounting software, so if you don’t already have a subscription to Xero you’ll need to pay for that. Currently, Xero is £22 a month, or might be included in the fee you’d pay your accountant if they are a Xero partner.
  • You’ll need to be either a G Suite or Office365 user for your emails and calendars, so if you don’t already have an account with them expect to pay a few £ per month per user.
  • You will need a Stripe account (for credit cards) and GoCardless account (for bank payments) to set up your Connectably. But these are both free to set up, and you’ll only pay if you use the services (and they both have very low fees for payment processing).
  • You may choose to have other software that links to your Connectably account–for example, you may want to use Zoom for online video calls or use a call booking calendar system, both which are outside of your Connectably subscription. We have a Zoom account and use Acuity for call booking, for example, and both of these cost us around £10 a month ($15). But they are absolutely optional, along with 1000+ other apps and software you may want to connect via Zapier.

Do you have an affiliate scheme/pay referral commissions?

We do have a channel partner programme which does include referral payments along with marketing support and other help. Please contact us and let us know how you can help us share Connectably with more Richards and Rachels (our ideal clients) and we can talk more.

About Connectably FAQs (so you can see if it’s for you, or not)

Who is Connectably for?

Connectably has been designed for ‘Richard’ and ‘Rachel’, who run a professional trade business or a professional service business. Both sell their time and get paid for what they do. They sell from a meeting or conversation and usually have to follow up with a quote or proposal. They want to keep track of their leads and enquiries, and know where they are with jobs and projects when they are working on them. What they want more than anything is to stop having so much ‘evening admin’ of marketing, invoicing, following up, bookkeeping and everything else it takes to run a business.

Who is Connectably NOT for?

Connectably isn’t designed for an internet-only business, nor is it there to help with ecommerce or any ‘hands off’ sales. If you’re an internet marketer with complicated funnels, it’s not for you. That said, it does handle straightforward automated emails and sequences to support marketing, sales and customer service for a small business well.

Connectably is not designed for huge corporates (technically, we don’t think it wouldn’t fall over we but we’re not planning to find out).

We have some rules in our T&Cs about the types of data we won’t process and the types of businesses we won’t sell to (think along the lines of illegal, dangerous or highly sensitive data and you’ll get the general idea).

It’s also not (currently) for any small business owners using accounting software that isn’t Xero.

What does it do?

In simple terms, Connectably is CRM (Contact/Customer Relationship Management) software with workflows, email broadcasting, quotes & proposals, order forms and payments all linked to Xero accounting software. It takes care of the ‘sales & marketing admin’ and connects that to your bookkeeping and accounting. Watch more about it here…

What doesn’t it do?

Connectably doesn’t build you a website or landing pages, although it’s very easy to connect your web forms to it. Connectably doesn’t give you a shopping cart or ecommerce store, but you can get paid–via order forms–by card or direct debit.

Connectably is a ‘place to put data’ where you can organise it, make good use of it and automate actions. It will need you to fill it up with contacts, add your own tasks, set up your automations and have sales conversations, but then we’re thinking you’d want to do that the way that works best for your business. It also doesn’t tidy your desk or make the tea.

How does support work if I get stuck?

There is a pop-up chat window in the bottom right of every screen of the software (in fact, if you look at the bottom right of this screen, you’ll see there’s a chat window there too). We can see where you are in Connectably when you message and so can point you at the library of help videos we have, or answer your question if it’s UK day time (and usually evening too, but not ‘sleeping hours’).

We also have a support email address you can use, which goes into the same system as the pop-up chat, where we can reply to any technical questions.

For more ‘business-y’ and strategic questions (as opposed to directly about using Connectably) we also have a Facebook group where we chat through ideas and suggestions too.

There are also lots of videos in the help that cover more general sales, marketing and business advice, too. These other videos include help on what to and say to who and when, ideas for marketing, ways to work better and more, all based on our experience and know-how as both business owners and consultants.

How many users can I have on my account?

You can have unlimited users on your Connectably account, although we don’t expect you’ll have hundreds as you’re only a small business (1–10 probably, maybe a few more). One thing to note, though, is that all your users will need to have an email address @yourdomainname, so they will need to have an account on your GSuite or Office365 at your business domain name email.

How many contacts can I have on the system?

You can have unlimited contacts on your Connectably account, although we’re not expecting you to have millions–probably hundreds or a maybe a few thousand.

How many emails can I send out?

You can send out unlimited emails, either using your GSuite or Office365 for individual emails or lots at once using the email broadcast facility. There’s no official limit on how many emails you can send out, but we’re not expecting you to send thousands every five minutes–we have no time for spammers (and, in fact, you’ll be asked to leave as that’s against our T&Cs).

Niggles, worries and other FAQs

I don’t have Xero, can I still use Connectably?

Right now, we only work with Xero accounting software. We’re planning to add other accounting software in the future, but that’s not going to be next week. We’ve had a lot of users switch to Xero or start using it just so they can benefit from taking care of all their sales & marketing admin in one place with Connectably, so perhaps we can convince you too?

I’m not very technical, will I be able to set up everything?

Yes, you don’t need to be a technical whiz at all. If you’ve watched any of the little demos, you’ll see what inside the software looks like and we’ve aimed to keep it as simple as we can.

That said, if you know you’re better off with some help generally for day-to-day system-ing and slightly technical things, you might want to get someone on your team to take care of it who is great at that sort of thing. There are a LOT of step-by-step ‘how to’ videos with screenshots talking you through the set-up.

This is the polite way of saying that if you’re more of a ‘creative’ type than a ‘systems’ person then, yes, you could set everything up but you might not want to!

How long is going to take to get everything working?

We’re not going to pretend setting up all your sales & marketing admin for your business in Connectably is going to take 5 minutes–apart from the initial login and syncing of your Xero contacts, which will take less than 5 minutes.

It’s a little bit of a “How long is a piece of string?” question, as it will depend on what you want to use Connectably for, how organised you are already and what deadlines you have! If you already have a CRM and emails set up that you send out in sequences, it may simply be a case of moving what you do now in different places to be in one place on Connectably. If you’ve not thought about your systems and processes much before, then there’ll be planning and thinking time to factor in along with your set-up time. Some of the things you can do now with Connectably might be new to you, so you might want to take some time to get your head around them. That said, you might just dive in and get started from Day One adding what you need as you need it–an email template here, a workflow there.

If we were forced into a corner, then there are two answers to this: a day or two of focus whilst doing nothing else would mean you’d be able to set up pretty much everything you might want in Connectably. Or, more sensibly, you might want to plan to set up something each week over 4–8 weeks and get going at a calmer pace. We actually opted for the latter approach.

Do I need to set everything up at once/use everything in Connectably?

No is the short answer to this question.

You will need to do a few initial set-up actions–link your Xero, GoCardless, Stripe and GSuite or Office365 accounts–but from there, it’s all yours to use as and when. If you only ever want to use Connectably for its CRM contact database to keep tabs on your leads and customers, do that. If you only ever want to use it to send broadcast emails, that’s an option. If sending out quotes or proposals with order forms attached that make getting paid so much easier is your big dream, you can just use that function.

Of course, only using one part of Connectably does defeat the object somewhat of having everything in one place simplifying your sales & marketing admin, so don’t be surprised if we’ll encourage you to use ALL of it. But definitely start where it makes sense to. If your biggest bottleneck is quotes and proposals, start there. If you really need a workflow to see what on earth is going on in your business, do that right away. There’s no right or wrong place to start using Connectably once you have your initial set-up done. But we’d always argue the more you use it, the better for reducing your evening admin.

I’ve never used a CRM before…

Don’t worry, we’ve got lots of help videos and advice to explain how to make the most of a CRM. At the end of the day, it’s simply a place to store data, and it will be up to you to put in data that’s meaningful for your business. But, done right, it’s really going to help you have one central file for each contact and client you have–all the notes about them, the activity associated with them for marketing, sales and customer service. You’ll never not have the answer to the question “What’s happening with… ?” again for any of your leads, customers or suppliers.

And, if it makes you feel better, there are plenty of CRM users who don’t use theirs properly to make it a meaningful addition to their business. Having a CRM and using a CRM are very different things… we’ll be keen to make sure you’re a super-user!

I already have a CRM…

Great news, then you’ll know the benefit of having meaningful data to hand about all your leads, clients and suppliers. You’ll also know how great it is being able to keep notes and activities, and to tag your contacts with useful segmentation details to have a better relationship with them.

What you might not have with your CRM, and why we’re assuming you’re having a nose at Connectably, is that you’re not able to connect your database to your quotes and proposals, then order forms with payment options, then into your accounting software. If it’s a CRM only, it might not offer the email marketing either.

The good news is that, if you do switch to Connectably, we can easily import all of your current CRM contacts and map over the fields you want to keep and tags for you.

Can I connect in other software/apps I use already?

Yes, you can–if they are ‘Zapable’. Connectably is designed to work with Zapier which links other software to ours. There are over 1000+ other software and apps that are Zapier-compatible, so if you’re not sure, have a search on their site.

We’ll help you with this too–any ‘Zaps’ you might need, we can set up as part of your Connectably support.

That said, don’t be surprised if we question what other software or apps you are using to see if they are helping you work at your best and give you a simple system to follow. Sometimes, extra apps aren’t needed if there’s a way we can bring that into a Connectably function…. or, if they are, there might be a way of working with ‘less steps’. Always ask–we love solving systems problems before looking at the best software options to solve them.

Side note: we use Zapier ourselves to connect the forms on our website into our Connectably (Gravity forms) and also with Acuity Scheduling for call booking, as our sales team (Lucy) likes how it sets up Zooms and doesn’t double-book calls by syncing with her Google calendar… then all the contact details go straight into Connectably.