You. Us. 6 weeks. Step by Step.

We can’t pretend there won’t be a little bit of work involved to set up a new system in your business, but to end up with a connected way of working we know it will be worth it. And we’ll be there while you work through it, to make it happen quickly, easily, and step-by-step.

We don’t want to leave you to figure it all out. We want you set up and using Connectably to simplify how you work, reduce your evening admin, and getting results as soon as possible (but just like any other software, it doesn’t work if you don’t use it!).

Over 6 weeks, we’ll work with you to get you connected. We’ll make sure you understand what’s going to be connected in your business, get what you need lined up beforehand, and take you through the connections step-by-step (and we expect you’ll be seeing the benefits along the way before we’re even done).

11 Connectors For A Joined-up Business

Here’s how it works:

Every week you’ll get a THEORY class (a video to watch and follow) of why you’ll want to connect your business this way, then you’ll have a PRACTICAL class of step-by-step instructions (to follow via video) of how to get this working in your Connectably app. There will be Facebook check-ins – in the private group where we’re always on hand – plus a live Q&A session every week where we can talk you through whatever you might be stuck on or share ideas of how to make everything work brilliantly for your business.

MondayTheory class
TuesdayPractical class
WednesdayFacebook check-ins
ThursdayLive Q&A
FridayFacebook check-ins

(weekends are for catching up if you need to, but we rather hope you’ll keep them free for family time and fun)

Week by week here’s how you’ll get connected:

Week 0: Getting ready

  • Watch the video of how everything fits together when you connect your business
  • Fill in the ‘map’ of what you already have, and what’s missing (a checklist of connections)
  • A shopping list (of what you need–don’t worry it’s short)
  • Time planner: so you can work out when you’ll be working on this each week (also works well as a reminder!)
  • Roles guide: a list of what connections we’ll cover and who does them (bookkeeper, admin, sales, marketing, etc., so if you have a team you can plan to delegate)
  • Creating Packages: a bonus class if you don’t already offer your service in packages (and something we very much recommend if you’re already busy being bespoke)

Week 1: Getting Paid

We start with cash! The sooner you get paid, the better your cashflow. And while it’s not first in our list of connectors, it’s probably the first thing on your mind most days, so we think it makes sense to start here.


  • We’ll get online payments working, so it’s easier to get paid (without chasing)
  • We’ll show you how to set up order forms, so it’s simple to ask to be paid


  • We’ll connect your Xero to your sales for invoices straight away
  • Record-keeping & reconciling will get connected

Week 2: Sales (part 1)

We want you creating gorgeous, quick, effective quotes & proposals. The sooner those are sent out, the quicker clients can say “Yes” (and you get paid).

A lot of ‘evening admin’ can be filled with creating quotes & proposals, so the sooner we connect that part of your business the sooner you start saving time.

  • We’ll share what good quotes & proposals look like
  • See how using products & packages makes proposals so much quicker
  • We’ll show you how to set up your products ready to quote with
  • Start using simple workflows to see the status of where all your prospects are

Status Update

By now you’ll be able to take payments online, be getting paid faster and start getting a lot of your time back from evening admin.

Week 3: Sales (part 2)

Follow-up is the focus now. Your quotes & proposals are out and you want the sales in.

  • We’ll remind you (not that you probably need it!) why follow-up works
  • How you can easily set up follow-up workflows
  • Easy automation to make in your sales process
  • Connecting your follow-up to online payments (so it’s quick & easy for a “Yes” to turn to cash)

Week 4: Connection

The part of your business can get forgotten, but what makes a big difference and stops you losing leads like nothing else.


  • We share how to have prospects at “Hello”
  • How scene-setting & content-sharing work really well as welcomes
  • Making your welcome part of your workflow


  • A reminder that content is king
  • Making ‘meaningful shares’ a part of your workflow
  • Adding value with great ideas, how tos, and other things that make you look great


  • Calls to Action are automated so you never forget to ask
  • Booking in meetings are connected to your sales workflow
  • Structuring your sales conversations so they convert better (the software can’t handle this for you, but we’ll share what we know that will)
  • Taking trials, booking calls online and making meetings easy

Status Update

By now your ‘evening admin’ for marketing takes a lot less time, and you’ll be getting more sales conversations more easily.

Week 5: Enquiries

This is where we get stuck into marketing and managing your leads.


  • We’ll share what works in marketing that you can set up as workflows
  • Email campaigns are set up so you’re always ready to connect with your market
  • Promotions are connected to what your business does best, so the leads you capture are qualified


  • We’ll make sure you have a system so leads aren’t lost (we’ll show you how to connect them to sequences that keep interest high)
  • You’ll know how and when to use a lead magnet
  • We’ll show you how to add all these new leads to your sales workflow so you know where everyone is at every step (this is now your pipeline)

Week 6: Results

We don’t want you to set up a connected business once and leave it to run, we want you to review your results and refine them so your business works better and better. We’ll show you where to look, how to use the results you find and share what’s possible.


  • We’ll show you what are good Key Results to look for in your business
  • You’ll be able to see Key Results you can measure your performance
  • Reports will tell you what you want to know, when you want to know it


  • We’ll share what actions are possible to make your business work better (with examples for inspiration)
  • You’ll know how to make adjustments in Connectably to refine your results
  • And you’ll know how to keep measuring what’s working (and spot what’s not)

Status Update

You’ll now have connected Marketing & Sales, Delivery & Customer Service workflows set up in your business. Attracting and engaging new clients will be easier, and you’ll be spending a lot less time on ‘evening admin’ preparing quotes and reconciling your accounts. You’ll get paid faster with a lot less follow-up, and you’ll know exactly what’s working and what’s not so can make confident decisions about what to do next. And, of course, anything you want to refine, you’ll be able to do all that simply from one place online–Connectably.


Connectably screen shots on desktop and mobile


Connectably is available to ‘early adopters’ as the 6-week Get Connected set-up programme AND a 12-month subscription in one.

A 12-month annual subscription of Connectably is £500 and we’re INCLUDING the 6-week Get Connected programme (also £500) at no charge so we can guarantee we’ll be on hand to guide you through set-up to get everything connected in your business.

Get Started with Connectably

£500 +VAT

Includes 12 months of Connectably AND the 6-week ‘Get Connected’ programme

You get:

  • 6 theory video classes
  • 6 practical video classes
  • Live Q&As with the team for 6 weeks
  • A Facebook forum for everyday questions
  • Our years (OK, it’s decades!) of marketing and business software expertise to help you make Connectably work brilliantly for your business
  • 12-month subscription to Connectably (subscriptions are per business NOT per user, so all of your team can get involved at no extra charge).

We don’t want you to make your decision because it’s a good deal (although it is), we want you to decide because you know it’s going to save you lots of headaches. You’re fed up with the software you have not working together so you’re willing to do the work to get your time back and connect your business with our help.

If you’re ready to ditch the double overwhelm (too much to do and too much software not helping to make it work) and get your business connected, we’d love to help. Join the waiting list now and we’ll speak soon.

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