Problems Connectably Solves

You want to enjoy your business but…

…right now, you spend too much time on ‘evening admin’ (or worse, ‘weekend admin’) keeping everything running. You know tech makes your business work better, and you have online systems in place already but they aren’t all joined up and working together.

You’re a service business that wants to deliver great service, but it takes up a lot (too much!) of your time to make this happen.

Whether it’s a professional or a trade service you offer, you need to get new clients, prepare quotes & proposals, follow up, get paid and account for all the work you do. Then ideally, get your customers to buy again or refer you to others. And that’s a lot of tasks to take care of on top of delivering your service…which takes up too much of your time…

We want to give you time back, but not make that complicated. We want to let you manage your business from one place, online, from anywhere, automating as much as possible but making it just right for how you work. We also want to give you a place your team can work confidently from too, so you don’t need to ‘do everything’.

What we do

We join up your business admin and tasks so you don’t need a mixed-up overwhelming bundle of separate software trying to work together. No gaps, no mistakes, no misinformation (and missing information)–we’ve put everything a small service business needs in one place, saving time, stress, and virtual sticky tape (to hold it all together).

We’ve created a smoother, streamlined, connected business back-end taking care of all the time consuming tasks that take small service business owners away from what they would rather be doing (work, family time or whatever). We help stop leads being lost and help invoices get paid, while saving time on all the other essential tasks.

Xero, GoCardless, Stripe

How Connectably works

We’ve taken existing Apps that are brilliant at what they do (Xero for bookkeeping and accounts, GoCardless & Stripe for taking online payments) & connected them to marketing, sales, and customer service admin to create one app where all your business tasks can be taken care of. You have one place to work from, and understand where your business is at, at any time (& from anywhere as it’s online).

So yes, you’ll need to be a Xero user (or happy to be one soon) and having GoCardless and/or Stripe will help you get the most from Connectably. These are our only asks.

Why did we build Connectably?

Because we don’t like evening (& weekend) admin eating into our work and family time either… but we do love delivering great service and doing great work.