Software time sucks
Financial cost is not the greatest impact of too much software. Your time to use it effectively is likely to have a far greater impact on you.
App Overload - Too Many Apps

Why can software be such a time-suck?

March 16, 2020

“I’m drowning in software that I barely have time to use”

Confused small business owners everywhere

The greatest impact of too much software to manage is not cost, but it’s your time to use it in a way that has effectiveness. Focus on some key pillars:

  1. There are in fact just 3 core pillars to systemising your business: your profile on the web, your accounts software & your CRM (✅ Connectably)
  2. Before you buy, ensure that you can integrate key software without additional cost (✅ Connectably)
  3. Map out sales stages & be purposeful in using email marketing at different stages of your customer’s journey (✅ Connectably)


Gareth Everson

Gareth's the founder of Connectably. He's a business systemiser who helps small business owners who aren't always natural "software people" to systemise their processes, understand marketing technology, improve client experiences, launch new services, get paid their true worth, and increase the value of their business. Connectably is a self-funded software business (founded 2017) that serves other small businesses. You can follow Connectably here, and connect with Gareth here.
Author: Gareth Everson - Founder Connectably

Could Connectably be right for you?

Connectably helps everyday businesses to manage workflows, processes and communications that would normally require much more expensive software and skills to manage. It's simple to use, easier to implement than continuing to do things manually, and will help you to think about your business in a different, more scalable, and less time-intensive way.

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