Workflow management software

Stop losing leads & clients

Using workflow management is a very visual, but process-oriented way to stay on top of your client activities.
Workflow management software by Connectably

Structure workflows

Get better visibility of who is working on what and where in your business.

Use cards for activities

Stop letting leads or clients slip by having a better grasp of what is where.

Automate follow-up

Save hours on follow-up by running micro-automations after stages moves.
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Structure workflows

Every business is a set of inter-connected processes and systems. With Connectably you can:

  • Create powerful visual workflows and join up end-to-end process steps.
  • See who is working on what and where and how much those activities are worth to your business.
  • Manage how you acquire, onboard and delight your clients in one central place.
Structure workflows with workflow management software
Use cards for activities in workflow management software

Use cards for activities

Activity cards can be associated with sales opportunities, client project delivery work or post-work customer support:

  • Owner-run businesses use them to not let leads or work slip.
  • Remote-working teams use them as an activity hub to keep momentum.
  • Sales teams use them to not lose leads if there are time gaps between activity or decision steps.

Automate follow-up

In Connectably workflows, CRM and follow-up email marketing all sit in one place, so you can seamlessly:

  • Run micro-automations as activities move between stages, saving hours of manual activity every week.
  • Keep leads fully engaged in longer sales processes.
  • Give new clients the best possible onboarding experience.
Automate follow-up with workflow management software

"Before Connectably we kept all information on paper or in our heads. Connectably has transformed how we work, allowing us to track our orders through various workflows so the whole team knows what's happening, creating an efficient team.”

Rhiannon Evans, IH Flooring

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Do more than 'just' CRM

Most small businesses feel befuddled by software and it kills momentum.
Connectably is small business management software that helps you sign up and manage clients in one place. 
When you clean up your processes you get more time for your clients and your business grows.

Save time

Manage email marketing, sales and client workflows in one place

Grow simply

Think about your business in a more scalable, sustainable way

Get support

Implement quickly with excellent support and training provided

Save money

Replace multiple software subscriptions with just one

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